Which European River Cruise Best Suits Your Cruise Style??

The Danube, The Main, The Rhone, or the Moselle??  Read on to Decide which river you’ll cruise next!!

The Rhine

The Rhine probably represents, along with the Danube, the most classic river voyage.  It’s a popular first choice for those who are new to river cruising.  Why??  Because you’ll see castles along the Romantic and Middle Rhine (as the section between Koblenz and Rudesheim is called).  There are also riverside wine-growing villages with half-timbered houses.  And some of Europe’s loveliest cities along the way, among them Strasbourg, Heidelberg, and Amsterdam.

The Danube

The Danube is one long river:  1,780 miles from its source in Germany to its delta on the Black Sea.  From Nuremberg or Vilshofen in Bavaria to Budapest, is the “Classic”  Danube.  This stretch takes in the UNESCO-designated Wachau Valley with its picturesque riverside towns as well as three capital cities:  Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Budapest, Hungary.

The Dutch Waterways

A springtime cruise along the waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium is the perfect way to see one of the world’s most famous flower cultivation areas in glorious bloom.  But the dazzling floral displays of the legendary Keukenhof Gardens are only one attraction, as you’ll also explore medieval Bruges, Antwerp, and Amsterdam, where cruises start and finish.

Germany’s Main

Some of Germany’s most spectacular medical cities lie along the Main’s marshy banks and are the principal reasons to come here:  Miltenberg is straight out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, while Bamber’s wobbly half-timbered town hall perches on an island.

Germany’s Moselle

The Moselle is one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers and also be of the biggest surprises.  It’s not all that well known, and itineraries are more typically part of other routes, like the Rhine.  Your ship will pass a patchwork of vineyards clinging to impossibly sheer-sided hills, interspersed with dense forest, while exquisite little towns sit along the banks, overlooked by towering castles.

France’s Rhone

The Rhone flows through the loveliest areas of Southern France.  In a week, a voyage visits Lyon, an elegant city famed for its culinary culture; Avignon, the setting of the iconic Popes’ Palace; and Arles, the scenery which inspired Vincent van Gogh.