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Embarking on Unforgettable Expedition Cruise Vacations: Unveiling the World’s Hidden Wonders

Welcome to a world where adventure knows no bounds and exploration is the currency of discovery. As a passionate travel agent specializing in crafting extraordinary expedition cruise vacations, I invite you to join me on a journey beyond the ordinary. Together, we will traverse the oceans, seeking out the most remote and captivating destinations our planet has to offer. Are you ready to dive into a world of awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse wildlife, and immersive cultural experiences? Let’s set sail!

Why Choose Expedition Cruises?

In a world where travel has become synonymous with mass tourism, expedition cruises stand as a beacon of authenticity and uncharted horizons. These voyages are tailor-made for the intrepid souls who yearn to connect with nature, culture, and themselves on a deeper level. Imagine cruising through icy fjords, navigating through lush rainforests, and encountering wildlife in their natural habitats—all while enjoying the comforts and expertise of a world-class expedition cruise.

Navigating Remote Landscapes

Our expedition cruises take you to the far reaches of the Earth, unlocking the secrets of destinations often untouched by mainstream tourism. From the mesmerizing glaciers of Antarctica to the vibrant biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands, every voyage is a chapter in an epic story of exploration. Witness the dance of the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle or set foot on the untouched shores of a secluded island in the Pacific. The world is your oyster, and our cruises are the vessel that carries you to its hidden pearls.

Encounters with Wildlife

For the wildlife enthusiasts, an expedition cruise is a dream come true. Imagine gazing into the eyes of a curious penguin, watching in awe as a humpback whale breaches the surface, or observing a family of elephants on the banks of a remote river. These are the moments that stay with you, etching themselves into your memory as a testament to the beauty and fragility of our planet’s ecosystems.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond the natural wonders, our expedition cruises offer immersive cultural experiences that enrich your understanding of the world. Engage with indigenous communities, learn about their traditions, and participate in rituals that have been passed down through generations. These interactions foster a deeper connection with the destinations you visit and leave you with a profound respect for the diversity of human cultures.

The Comfort of Expertise

Embarking on an expedition cruise doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. On the contrary, our curated voyages are designed to provide you with luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, and world-class amenities. The difference lies in the expertise of our onboard teams—naturalists, historians, and scientists—who share their knowledge and passion, enhancing every moment of your journey.

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Antarctica Expedition Cruises have you crunching through the sea ice aboard a fleet of state-of-the-art expedition ships to see scores of penguins and whales. People come for the wildlife but fall in love with the ice: an entire museum of colossal and magical ice forms defying description. Armed with a flexible itinerary that allows us to go where conditions are best and wildlife is most active, we’ll experience all the splendor of Antarctica. Venture into channels and coves framed by towering peaks. Watch whales play off the bow; glide around enormous icebergs in Zodiacs; photograph penguin colonies with a National Geographic photographer; and hike, kayak, and even possibly cross-country ski in complete tranquility.


Experiencing the Galápagos Islands on an expedition is an unrivaled experience. Going aboard an expedition cruise equipped with tools for exploration promises an in-depth encounter with all its wonders. Zodiac to pristine beaches, kayak or stand-up paddleboard along volcanic shores, and discover the undersea through daily snorkeling or the glass-bottom boat. You’ll encounter abundant wildlife—blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, Darwin’s finches, pink flamingos, giant tortoises. The wildlife of Galápagos is legendary for being without fear in the presence of humans. Many islands have their own endemic species, and you’ll see a panoply of Galápagos’ creatures in their native habitats—on land and in the sea.

Baja California

Each year California gray whales pause during their migrations to birth and nurse their calves in the lagoons on the Pacific side of Baja California. In the morning, head out in local pangas with naturalists and local guides for rare opportunities to observe them at water level. Not only are we often rewarded with a close encounter of calves and watchful mothers, mere feet away, but often we’ll experience heart-touching eye contact with playful calves surfacing to interact with us. In the evening, hang out on deck under the stars, or depending on the calendar, a full moon, and listen to the whales breathing and moving around the ship. Encounters with these marvelous creatures don’t end there as we head into the Sea of Cortez, where magical moments continue with possible sightings of other whale species and dolphins. Discover some of the wild Sea of Cortez islands that teem with life on land and under the sea. 


Experience an enchanting land of geological extremes on a satisfying circumnavigation of this land of fire and ice. Encounter vast volcanic landscapes on one of the world’s youngest islands, walk on lava fields and ice sheets, and feel the power of gushing hot springs and cascading waterfalls. Cruise into the beautiful, remote Westfjords and spend time on the Arctic Circle spotting nesting seabirds. Zodiac cruise into fjords and serene bays and go hiking on magnificent and remote stretches of the coast. Cap off the adventure with a soak in the famous Blue Lagoon. Along the voyage, Icelandic experts and musicians will add local insight and energy to the expedition.


Hear the thunderous crack of calving glaciers. Sail alongside pods of killer whales. See breaching humpbacks and soaring eagles. Feel the stillness in verdant old-growth rainforests. Kayak peaceful coves and coastlines. Explore a land where towering mountains rise from the sea and colossal glaciers carve the living landscape. Coastal brown bears lumber through streams fishing for spawning salmon, and the sea comes alive with feeding whales and playful otters. 

Learn More About Expedition Cruises!

What is there to do on an Expedition Cruise?

You can do as much as you want during your voyage or spend your time sitting back, watching the beautiful landscape and wildlife pass by!! Expedition cruises are virtually all all-inclusive – meaning that your activities onboard and off are included!

  • Underwater Activities – Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Polar Plunge, Submarine Voyage
  • Water Activities – Skiffing, Kayaking, Fishing, Stand-up Paddle Boarding
  • Land Activities – Hiking, Biking, Snowshoeing, Skiing
  • Air Activities – Helicopter Flights including Heli-Hiking, Heli-Biking, Heli-Trekking, Heli-Kayaking and Hot Air Ballooning
  • Overnight Camping off the Ship
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Scenery & Star Gazing
  • Photography

What is it like on an Expedition Cruise??

Each Expedition Cruise is completely unique!  Why??  While your embarkation and disembarkation ports and times are set and adhered to, every moment in-between is open to change!!  Now this doesn’t mean that your trip to Antarctica will land you in the Caribbean, but the captain and naturalists onboard constantly monitor weather & wildlife and will adjust the itinerary to give you the best voyage possible!!  This means if you come across a pod of dolphins or see a waddle of penguins, the team will stop the ship and drop the zodiacs in the water to get you up close!  Most Expedition Cruises visit more than one destination each day!  With such small amounts of guests, it is very quick to get everyone off in the morning to go for a hike, kayak or take a helicopter ride.  Then everyone returns back for lunch while the ship moves on to the next stop.  In the afternoon you can head out for another adventure.  Some days there can even be a third stop!!  Expedition Cruises are very hands on, an immersive learning experience!  To enable this, there are always Naturalists on board along with Scientists (actually conducting experiments and monitoring wildlife or the landscape) and even Professors and Local Cultural Experts all on board to ensure you really get to experience the destination!!
What are Expedition Cruise Ships like?
Expedition Ships range in size from 20 to 300 guests.  Their small size is what allows them to go to places the other ships can’t along with hug the coastline and get up close to wildlife safely!  These vessels are purpose built – meaning they have the right hull rating for visiting the polar regions or they have a shallow draft for those island visits!  The ships are also environmentally friendly with anchorless stabilizers, zero emissions and energy efficient.
There are two main styles of Expedition Cruise ships – the first being ultra luxury (I am talking all suites, butler service and fine dining) and more traditional/working expedition vessels (these tend to be a bit more rugged, but you will always have private accommodations, you just won’t find as many amenities on board).  Either way you prefer to travel the atmosphere on board will be casual to country club casual – no black tie needed anywhere!!  These cruises are also all-inclusive meaning that your cruise fare will include your cabin, all meals & beverages, all onboard activities, daily excursions, gratuities… basically everything but a souvenir from the shop or a massage in the spa!
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