Circumnavigating Iceland: The Land of Elves, Sagas, and Volcanoes

Experience Iceland on this 9-day highlights cruise!!  The Journey with Erika Team invites you to sail along this breathtaking circumnavigation of Iceland departing on May 16, 2024, or reach out to plan a future cruise!

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Through hikes, small boat cruises and shore excursions, you’ll delve deeper into Iceland’s seismic landscape. Sailing along Iceland’s coastline, you’ll learn more about this fascinating country, discovering tight-knit communities, industries, and historical landmarks.

Iceland old and new

In Reykjavík, you’ll get a taste of modern Iceland. Check out its stylish restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and museums that delve into Icelandic history and culture through the ages. On tiny islands and in coastal fishing villages, hear tales of elves and epic Viking sagas.

Raw natural beauty

Discover Iceland’s stark scenery, with active volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls. Iceland offers the best whale watching in Europe at this time of year, from humpbacks to belugas. Among the Arctic birdlife, keep an eye out for colonies of Atlantic puffins.