National Geographic Resolution

It is so exciting to see Lindblad’s newest ship, National Geographic Resolution, successfully completing her sea trials this week!!  The trials were completed in the Vartdal fjord, located deep in the iconic Geirangerfjord of Norway. The crew successfully tested the engines, azipods, navigation systems and emergency maneuvers during their three days of testing.  There are just a few finishing touches left before her launch this November 2021, in Antarctica!!

Photo cred: Øyvind Gjerde Kamsvåg Ulstein Group

This will be Lindblad’s second polar-built ship (second only to her sister the National Geographic Endurance) sailing both Antarctica and the Arctic regions!! She has the highest ice class rating for her hull (PC5) to allow you to sail closer and deeper to the poles!

National Geographic Resolution has a couple of other unique ship design features!

  1. X-Bow(r) – this gives the ship its unique look!  This new bow design minimizes waves and sprays on deck resulting in a smoother and quieter ride through the water.  This is definitely a plus for those of us with any level of motion sickness and when sailing through the Drake passage near Antarctica.  This new design also helps with fuel efficiency while sailing in these extreme
  2. Infrared, Military Grade, Camera allows for better wildlife sighting along with ice ahead of the ship.

National Geographic Resolution has an amazing array of amenities available on board!

  • Passenger capacity of only 126 guests which means that everyone can be off the ship at the same time!  Several destinations have capacity limitations, so when your total guest count stays under all of the restraints that means that everyone can be off the ship at once – no waiting around on board!
  • There is an incredible team on board National Geographic Resolution!!  There is the crew needed to run the ship, the housekeeping team, the culinary team and also Lindblad’s standard of a full-time Doctor, Undersea Specialist, National Geographic Photographer, Lindblad-National Geographic Photo Instructor & Video Chronicler.  There will be a team member available to take care of every need and question!!
  • The cabins are very luxurious considering where you will be sailing.  There are 69 Outside cabins (no inside cabins) and 53 have private balconies!!  The categories range from well-appointed Ocean View Cabins to Spacious Suites.
  • Every needed Expedition Tool has a home on this ship including Zodiacs, kayaks, snowshoes, cross-country skis, ROV, underwater video cameras, hydrophones, aerial remote-controlled cameras, and video microscopes!!  You will be able to explore
    underwater, on land and from the air in these remote destinations!!
  • Three dining venues are available for guests, all with made to order sustainable menus.  Dining is flexible, open seating so you can eat when you would like and with whom you want!!
  • Other common areas to explore while not ashore include:
    • Library, Science Hub, & Onboard Broadcast Studio
    • B&H Photo locker & Photo Workshop
    • Two lounges each with there own bar
    • A 24-hour beverage station
    • Two infinity-style outdoor hot tubs with adjacent igloos
    • Gym, Saunas & Wellness Area
    • Expedition Base Room with lockers for your expedition gear

If sailing to Antarctica or the Arctic is on your bucket list, reach out and let us match you to the perfect voyage to make memories of a lifetime!!  

Want to check out a quick video of National Geographic Resolution completing her sea trials – link here

And if you want to see National Geographic Resolution on her first float check out the video below!