10 Unforgettable Adventures in St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second-biggest city in the country of Russia. With that being said, there isn’t a shortage of things to do and see. Full of rich history, beautiful architecture, luscious gardens, Russian art, and stunning views overlooking the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg should make it on everyone’s bucket list. Take a look at these ten unforgettable adventures in the city…

Hermitage Museum

As one of the oldest museums in the world, you must visit the Hermitage Museum. Situated in the Winter Palace of Empress Catherine, this museum contains more than 1,500 breathtaking rooms. Wandering around, you will see the works of some of the most magnificent artists of all time, including Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Thomas Couture, and more.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

This is the site where Alexander II of Russia was assassinated on March 13, 1881. It is one of St. Petersburg’s most quintessential places to visit. With unbelievable multi-colored mosaics and a vibrantly colored, palace-like design, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this beautiful museum.

Peterhof Palace

Constructed by Tsar Peter, this palace was an attempt to exceed the Palace of Versailles created by Louis XIV of France. Outside of the Peterhof Palace, you will get to walk through alluring water gardens filled with luscious greenery and gold statues. Inside the palace, you will find gold detailing, chandeliers, and sightly artworks.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Playing a significant role in the Russian revolution and being the very spot that St. Petersburg was founded, make sure you visit the Peter and Paul Fortress. Take a tour of the fortress for some incredible views of the Winter Palace and River Neva.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

This sanctuary is the most prominent orthodox basilica on the planet. This cathedral no longer serves solely as a place of worship but rather a museum. Visit the top of the temple for some of the most magnificent views of St. Petersburg.

Mariinsky Theater

The ballets and operas put on in Russia are some of the most notable. If you can manage the time, purchase tickets to a show while you’re in St. Petersburg.

Take a Canal Tour

There are many canals and around 800 bridges throughout the city. At one point, these waterways were the main form of transportation. Nowadays, the canals are famous tourist attractions.

Catherine Palace

Right outside of St. Petersburg is the Catherine Palace in Pushkin. While you are there, visit the Amber room and take a stroll through the gardens.

Fabergé Museum

Opened in 2013, this newer museum holds beautiful, exciting works of art. Check out the Imperial Easter Eggs and other jeweled art pieces. This museum holds old and new artifacts for all to behold.

Nevsky Prospect

Over 2.5 miles long, the Nevsky Prospect serves as a royal pathway and the main street in St. Petersburg. This is where you will get to enjoy the best restaurants, palaces, boutiques, shops, hotels, and more. Much of the architecture on this street is very distinguished.

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